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Challenges: 5 Weight Lost: 13lbs lbs Money Spent: £105

Jess’s Story

I’ve always struggled with my body image and how I think about myself (I remember being in year 8 and going on a juice diet and vividly remember sitting in secondary school only eating celery and looking back it makes me feel so sad that at such a young age I was so body conscious). I’ve learnt to accept myself and finally feel happy in my own skin – this is so important to me as I want children of my own and never ever want them to lack confidence in themselves and the way they look. Going forward I’m going to focus more on how I feel rather than how I look as I’ve lost the weight I want to lose.

Jess is one of those girls who has always been naturally slim and petite. She was by no means overweight starting the challenge and if you asked me Grandma Jean she'd say, "she doesn't need to go the gym her". Well Grandma, she didn't. To Jess it was clear it wasn't really about scales or dress size, it was confidence. How she felt and how she saw herself. Taking the time out to understand what she's putting in her body, feeling more energetic and working out without the pressure's of who's looking or constraints of time.
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