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I got into fitness in 2004 after a knee injury led me to gain a substantial amount of weight.

I was overweight, unfit, uncomfortable and if I’m honest, suffering with depression. I ate when I was sad, I ate when I was happy and the calories I consumed or what I was actually eating never crossed my mind.

I discovered a personal trainer online and within weeks I was hooked. My first session I couldn’t even fast walk on the treadmill but here I am 4 stone later and a workout addict.

I’m now a mum to my beautiful baby girl, Lola, and married to my childhood sweetheart, Luke. We live happily with our two dogs, Arnie and Pig, in Liverpool.

Exercise and eating better allowed me to finally have the energy to find my happiness. It really works. I’m not saying it always works first time, or you’ll find happiness in 21 days, but you’re giving yourself a good shot.