Summer Hols Bootcamp

We want to make getting a workout in during the summer hols as easy as possible!

Before booking your space at our Summer Hols bootcamp please have a read of our rules/terms. Nothing here to spoil your fun, we just need to cover our bases.

  • Only children AGED 4 and over can join the PE teacher activity.
  • Babies, toddlers and pre schoolers (all children under 4) must remain with Mum/Guardian at the workout mat.
  • When making your RSVP below, please only account for your kids over 4, we need this head count for the PE teacher.
  • If your kids need the toilet during the session, you must take them yourself, as we do not have enough minders to take children to the loo.
  • A register will be taken on arrival, so please arrive 15 minutes early
  • We will give the over 4’s a name sticker, this is just to make it easy for our PE teacher
  • Make sure if you can’t attend you cancel your space. If you fail to cancel we will remove all your bootcamp reservations. Sorry Mamas, its only fair!

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