Check-in with our Gym Bird team every Monday and Friday to receive your updated targets. Target’s can be based on fat loss on or off the scales. Many of our Gym Bird’s are content with their number on a scale and would rather stick to pictures or measurements and that suits us too.

We aim to get you where you want to be and teach you how to find your balance. Spending your life on a diet is boring, Queen. Let’s get that bit out the way and focus on feeling strong, learning how to cook and moving our bodies in a way that empowers us.

It’s time to stop exercising and eating clean to punish yourself. Let’s do it to empower ourselves. Gone are the days of women criticising other women and gone are the days of putting ourselves down. Starving ourselves for a holiday snap or a bridesmaid dress. If 2020 taught us anything it is that life is far too short to sit round not feeling incredible in every inch of your skin.